Customer Retention and Experience Solution

Customer Retention and Experience Solution

Looking for a solution that fits in perfectly to your business domain?

We went down that road already a few years ago, benefit from a shortcut! See what LoyalAction can do for you in your activity sector:

Integration with many systems: LARS, Lautopak, Acomba, Serti, CDK, DealerVu, Groupe SEI, Solutions CA

Even if your system is not listed here, it is possible to implement a solution. Contact us for more details.

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LoyalAction under the hood?

Our solutions address two major marketing needs:

Are you visual by nature?

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Team of experts

LoyalAction is first and foremost a team of experts in customer retention and customer experience, and will provide the support, training and collaboration needed to ensure the implementation and optimization of your program.

A well-stocked toolbox

Whether yours is a small, medium or large business, our solutions are adapted to your needs. When it comes to managing rewards points, gift cards, surveys, contests, promotions and more, LoyalAction offers you the technology to accomplish your goals. Ask for a demo!

Integration to your system

Avoid having to manage several platforms to meet your marketing needs. Stay in full control of your data while using your own system or CRM.

Targeted marketing needs

Whether your objective is to increase communications, customer retention or the customer experience, the many functionalities of the platform mean we have the solution to meet your needs!

More efficient communications

LoyalAction makes sure there are never delays in the communications between you and your most loyal clientele. The era of mass marketing has passed. Personalization and automated communications are essential.

Your trademark

You’ve worked hard to build your brand image with your clientele, so why not respect it? We are knowledgeable about the different rules that apply to your business domain.