The customer loyalty solution

Increase retention by changing buying behaviours

Personalized marketing

In the past few years customer communications have changed enormously. Mass marketing—such as sending a simple promo e-mail or newsletter subscription—has become irrelevant.

The personalized marketing experience involves reaching your clientele according to each individual's profile. The LoyalAction expertise lies in segmenting your clientele according to their different buying habits and communications preferences. Each person is unique, so the approach and message must also be unique in order to optimize message reception.

The single objective is customer retention.

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Integrated with your billing system

LoyalAction is directly connected to your billing system. This automation synchronizes your customers and transactions within your system. One of the great advantages of this synchronization is the capacity to build business rules based on your products and services.


Communicate less, yet more efficiently

E-mails, mobile apps, website integration are all ways LoyalAction implements to optimize communication. You'll see greater retention and, consequently, increased revenue by communicating less frequently, yet at the same time using highly targeted, personalized, automated communication.


A complete dashboard

For program administrators who want to review the loyalty program's progress, the dashboard gives you all the stats you need at a glance to properly manage your program. Plus it's easy to track all the transactions and balance of each and every member.



There is no doubt that with a good loyalty program in place you'll increase customer retention; the statistics speak for themselves:


7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep one


Probability of selling to an existing customer vs. 5% to a new prospect


acknowledge changing their buying habits to maximize rewards


97% of people participate in at least one loyalty program