Integration with Groupe SEI

You have been running your business for some time and would like to use Groupe SEI inc.’s data to communicate with your customers. It is now possible to automate them all with your DMS.

LoyalAction will collect data such as customers and transactions from Groupe SEI, giving you the possibility to offer a rewards program based on the purchases made by your most loyal customers.

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Case Study and Testimonials

After a few months with LoyalAction, we have already noticed an increase in the profitability of parts and a reduction in the amount of negotiations and discounts per customer!
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Pascal Bergeron President Groupe Aktion Performance
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Functionalities in the Groupe SEI interface

Groupe SEI Software Interface

It is possible to operate a complete loyalty and customer experience program directly in Groupe SEI. You won’t need to train your representatives on a new platform. The functionalities are directly in the interface, including:

  • Registering a member in the program
  • Making a payment with the appropriate method of payment