Integration into billing

Have a billing system (DMS)? We’re familiar with it!

LoyalAction is the only provider of a loyalty, customer experience and gift-card service that is 100% integrated into your DMS. This means that the implementation of your loyalty program will be much simpler.

To learn more about the degree of integration of each, click on your system:

Even if your system is not listed here, it is possible to implement a solution.

Your manufacturer's standards

LoyalAction complies with your manufacturer’s norms, and in certain cases is certified for a COOP of up to 50% of the costs of the loyalty program. Contact us to learn if there is a special agreement with your manufacturer.

Close collaboration with the ACVLQ

If you are a member of the Association des Concessionnaires de Véhicules de Loisirs du Québec, we can offer you additional discounts! In 2017, Mr. Christian Caza of the ACVLQ and Mr. Martin Paquette of Resulto established a major collaboration agreement, which allows us to offer you the best customer retention and customer experience solution on the market.

In partnering with the ACVLQ, the LoyalAction team is able to continually develop functionalities specific to your domain.