Increase customer retention, communications and profits!

Did you know…

  • It costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to keep one?
  • You have a 60% chance of selling to an existing customer as opposed to 5% for a new customer?
  • 57% of customers say they have changed their buying habits to maximize the rewards?
  • 97% of consumers are members of at least one reward program?

As well as improving customer loyalty and increasing the average amount your customers spend, our loyalty program allows you to:

  • Use your data to target the specific needs of each of your customers
  • Reach your customer before they search for information
  • Easily follow the metrics for your transaction, promotions and customers


Managing points

LoyalAction is an easy-to-implement customer retention system. You decide the value of the points and the number of points required to obtain rewards. Whether it’s 100 points for $10 or any other option, you can do so with LoyalAction.

If you want to exclude certain products or services from your loyalty program, or offer a bigger reward for some than for others, you can do so thanks to our integration into your billing system. Everything will be automated so that no extra burdens are placed on your team!

In addition, that integration to your billing systems allows for automating all the steps of your program. Points will be added automatically each time a customer completes a transaction, without the need for any manual intervention!


If you want to add a reward to mark your customer’s birthday or when they have used your services five times, for instance, that is possible as well! We can add rewards to your customers’ accounts according to the criteria you choose.


LoyalAction allows you to carry out personalized communications with your clients across different segments, according to their shopping habits or interests. This will optimize your performance when it comes to opening rates for emails and to click-through rates.

LoyalAction makes sure all communications with your clientele are conducted in full compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (C-28).

Customer Experience

Would you like to know how your customers felt about their experience, so that you can reach them before they share that experience with others? The customer satisfaction module offered by LoyalAction allows you to do just that!

Customers having visited your business will be contacted and can, easily and in less than one minute, provide you with feedback regarding their experience. You can consult this feedback, and know exactly who provided it and which transaction it concerned. It’s then easier to contact the targeted customers or proceed with any needed adjustments with your personnel.

It’s also possible to automatically publish reviews on your own website in order to increase your visibility.

Customers are twice as likely to share a negative experience as a positive one, and 45% of them will share that experience on social media.

86% of consumers will not buy from a business that has generated negative comments online.

Gift cards

LoyalAction offers a gift-card module. Activating, adding or reducing a balance: all of these actions can be done in just a few clicks.

It’s even possible for you to retain a minimum number of cards so that you won’t run short of them during busy periods.

39% of Canadians prefer receiving a gift card instead of a gift. On average, consumers spend between $150 and $200 on gift cards every year.


Adding the coupons you want to customers’ accounts provides you with infinite possibilities! Not only are customers able to see the coupons on their account page, but you will also be able to remind them of a coupon’s existence during important shopping periods.

If a coupon has an expiry date, unlike with paper coupons, you can automatically create a reminder and ensure a higher usage rate.

If a customer has forgotten to print their coupon, or can’t access it on their smartphone, you can verify if the coupon is still on file, and remove once it has been used.

More than 50% of consumers use coupons.

Mobile application

A native mobile app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. This app enables interaction between customers and the loyalty program in order to display balance and transaction summaries. The application can be personalized to fit your brand image.

A virtual card is displayed, so that your customer doesn’t have to worry about forgetting their card; the program can even function without a physical card, saving on printing costs.

Developer (API)

The possibility of access to a REST-like API giving you the flexibility you want.

Our documentation is comprehensive, with examples facilitating the use of calls in just a few minutes.

Contact us for more details.